Excavation & Shoring 

Excavation & Shoring 

Repair burst or cracked pipes with professional excavation

If you have an emergency, call on Jafco. We are available for calls 24/7 because that we know burst sewer pipes can happen anytime. No one wants to have their yard dug up, but sometimes it’s necessary. There are a few cases in which a sewer line may need to be excavated:

Sewer trenches & shoring

Sewer trenches are generally between 12-24 inches deep and wide enough that your pipe is accessible. Our team will ensure that the trenches are safe and shored correctly. Shoring is a technique that bolsters the sides of a trench to make certain they are sturdy and do not collapse. It is often necessary when a sewer line is near a road or existing structure. 

Shoring involves placing boards or other bracing such as struts against the excavation walls. Shoring is governed by specific regulations are our team is trained in keeping up to date with all local regulations. Shoring will also be planned around your soil type and existing landscape structures. 

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