About Us

About Us

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We pride ourselves on customer service

Jafco Plumbing And Sewer is a Plumbing, Drain Cleaning and Sewer Repair company located in North Seattle. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service and make it a priority to display professionalism. From walking you through the process to keeping a tidy job site, we work for you. We strongly believe in working as quickly and efficiently as possible while striving to address any project concerns you may have.

Jafco Plumbing And Sewer is also a Registered Side Sewer Contractor (RSSC). In addition to private property, we are also licensed to repair or construct a side sewer in the public Right-Of-Way. From a sidewalk to a main arterial road you will need an RSSC. We complete our concrete and asphalt restoration in-house to keep costs down for our customers.

From a simple clogged sink to a full main line replacement, we’ve got you covered.

Employment opportunities

Join Our Team! At Jafco Plumbing And Sewer we understand that a person who feels appreciated will always surpass expectations.

Please email your resume and/or qualifications to hr@jafcocompany.com

“Collaborate with those who possess both intelligence and integrity”

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