Sewer Cleanout Installation

Sewer Cleanout Installation
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Install a sewer cleanout to keep your pipes flowing freely

Most homeowners may not be familiar with a sewer cleanout, but in the event of clogged pipes, it can be a lifesaver. A sewer cleanout is a capped pipe that connects to the main sewer line and is the dispersal unit of all clogged water in the pipes of your home. 

If a clog occurs, our technician can open the cleanout to perform a drain cleaning service. This clears the standing wastewater and removes and blockages like roots or other debris from the pipe.

Benefits of Installing A Cleanout

Benefits of installing a cleanout

Having a sewer cleanout or installing one has many benefits. It can cut down pipe clogging, reduce maintenance costs, preserve your landscape, and prevent backflow. We use Schedule 40 PVC instead of the standard SDR 35 – which means that we can offer a longer warranty on better materials. 

Rely on our seasoned professionals for a seamless experience

Our professional team at Jafco will examine your home’s blueprint and pipe layout to determine the best place for a cleanout to be installed. After excavating your underground pipes, measurements are taken to ensure the angle of the cleanout will be correct. The clean out will be left level with ground surface and accessible for future needs.

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