Drain Cleaning

You can’t go without sewage.

With how much we depend on water for cooking, cleaning, and hygiene, we can’t afford to be without it very long. This is why keeping your sewer line in good repair is essential.

Thorough Drain Cleaning in Seattle, WA

When it comes to residential or commercial drain cleaning in Seattle, WA, choose our experienced team at Jafco Plumbing and Sewer. We have more than 30 years of experience ensuring that all homes and businesses in Emerald City have fully functional drains. Our plumbers maintain a tidy work area, arrive on time, and provide you with helpful advice on how to properly use your drains and avoid drain problems.

Professional Drain Cleaning Options

We offer several drain cleaning services to keep your drains working at all times. Snaking involves mechanical cleaning of the drain with blades. We also offer water jetting. This process uses water with air added to it. The pressurized water forces debris out of the drain and into the main sewer line. We avoid drain cleaning chemicals because they damage pipes and cause injuries to the skin, eyes, and mouth.

We also provide:

What Are the Most Common Causes Of Clogged Drains?

The most common causes of a clogged drain include:

About Our Drain Cleaning Process

Before we clean your drains, we have to perform a camera inspection to locate the clog and determine its cause. For hydro jetting, we attach a hose to an air pump. We deploy the hose into your sewer clean-out. The pump pressurizes the water. Jets of water clear roots, waste, grease, mineral scale, and other debris.

Drain snaking involves the use of a mechanical tool attached to a flexible cable. The tool has sharp blades. We select blades in the right size for your drain pipe. As we rotate the tool’s handle, the blades turn and cut through debris in the drain.

How to Keep Your Drains Working Properly

You can avoid most drain problems in your home or business with these tips:

We also recommend annual drain maintenance. Our drain cleaning company offers preventive cleaning to prevent debris from accumulating and clogging the drain.

Work With Our Team to Benefit Your Drains

Our drain cleaning services keep your drains operating efficiently and effectively at all times. We arrive at the scheduled time and keep the work area tidy. During the process, we explain our findings and offer advice on how to avoid drain clogs and other issues in the future.

Set up an appointment with one of our experts when you contact us at Jafco Plumbing and Sewer. Call our team or fill out the form today.

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