Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspection
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Keep an eye on your sewer conditions & prevent emergencies

With a camera inspection you can stay up to date on the state of your sewer lines, ensuring that you aren’t caught unaware by an emergency. Our professional team uses high-tech camera equipment to locate your sewer line at an accurate depth and location. Camera inspections are non-invasive and don’t involve tearing up any part of your landscape. 

Expert sewer camera inspections

Using state of the art Ridgid sewer camera equipment and locators we can identify any problem areas in your sewer line. We perform camera inspections for our local neighbors like Queen Anne, Ballard and Hill. we also do camera inspections for real estate buyers and sellers as well. We can provide a thumb drive with a detailed sewer report upon request.

Sewer camera  inspections enable you to diagnose the condition of pipes and how well they are functioning. Routine inspections are part of preventative maintenance and may identify problem areas before they result in property damage.

We also offer a free camera inspection after we have cleaned your line to identify if any repairs are needed. 

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