Drain Cleaning
Drain Cleaning

You can’t go without sewage.

With how much we depend on water for cooking, cleaning, and hygiene, we can’t afford to be without it very long. This is why keeping your sewer line in good repair is essential.


At Jafco Plumbing and Sewer, we have more than 30 years of experience providing cost-effective drain cleaning in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Our professionalism, prompt arrival and thorough work make us Seattle’s trusted drain cleaning professionals.

Plumber Cleaning the Kitchen Drain

Let our professionals diagnose your drain problem quickly

Clogged house lines and main sewer lines are a common problem for homeowners. The need can come on suddenly without warning and leave you in a literally stinky situation. Jafco is your drain cleaning expert with the experience to diagnose your issue whether it is caused by a secondary sinkline or a sewer mainline. 

You can know that you need drain cleaning when:

If you are experiencing some or many of these problems, it’s probably time to get your drains checked out! We serve:

Services That Address All Drain-Related Issues

We provide the following drain cleaning services:
Hydro Jetting Equipment
We use highly pressurized water to clean mineral scale, tree roots, grease and debris out of your sewer pipe.

Our powerful drain snakes clear away tree roots from your main sewer line.

Technician Cleaning the Driveway Drain

Things like leafs or other debris can clog an outside surface drain.

We get the clogs out of the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom drains.


Grease, tree roots, food debris, soap, hair, solid waste, and foreign objects cause most drain clogs.
We clear your clogged drain in about one to two hours.
We recommend drain snaking or jetting every one to two years for homes and more frequently for businesses.
Hydro Jetting Equipment
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