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When your sewer line malfunctions, you can’t wait long for a sewer repair in Seattle, WA. At Jafco Plumbing and Sewer, we offer prompt repair services to all home and business owners. Our 24/7 emergency response team arrives quickly to troubleshoot the issue. We work hard to make sure you have a safe, effective and long-lasting sewer system.

At the first sign of trouble involving your sewer pipes or line, reach out to a sewer repair contractor from our team. We look forward to addressing your concerns.

Professional Sewer Repairs

We take on all sewer repair projects, including major issues, big problems, and complicated pipe configurations. Our professional sewer pipe line repair restores full capacity and functionality to your sewer system. We address corrosion, mineral scale, clogs, cracks, offsets, leaks, and more.

Ignoring a sewer problem won’t make it go away. We quickly get to the root of the sewer issue. Fixing the problem as soon as possible minimizes the health and environmental risks associated with sewage leaks. Professional sewer repairs also protect your investment and help you maintain compliance with Seattle health and environmental codes. Fixing a minor problem may also prevent the need for an earlier-than-expected sewer line replacement.

Plumber Repairing the Main Water Line

Signs You Need Sewer Replacement or Repair

When your sewer pipe develops an issue, it provides at least one of the following signs that it requires professional attention or that you need to replace sewer line:

We offer conventional and trenchless sewer repair options. The conventional process involves digging a trench to access the pipe. Trenchless repairs make use of a small entrance point for our robotic equipment. We typically use a roof vent, toilet or clean-out to access the pipe. During a spot repair or sewer lining project, we deploy the robot into the pipe, accurately place the materials, perform an inspection to verify placement and cure the liner or resin with steam, hot air or ultraviolet light. After one to three hours of curing time, we complete the work and meet with the Seattle inspectors who sign off on the repair. After they approve our work, this completes the project.

Why Choose Us

We understand that you can’t wait for sewer repair services. We work quickly without sacrificing quality. Our trenchless contractor provides you with honest and helpful information about your sewer system. We maintain open lines of communication to address your questions or concerns.

Reach Out to Our Team

Since our founding more than 30 years ago, our team at Jafco Plumbing and Sewer has provided excellent customer service to Seattle home and business owners in need of sewer repairs. We accurately diagnose the problem, explain it and propose a cost-effective solution to solve it. Our sewer repair company works quickly to restore proper functioning to your sewer pipe, and we take the time to answer any questions you have.

Call Jafco Plumbing and Sewer for additional info about sewer repairs or to receive an estimate from our team. You may also fill out the form to schedule an appointment.

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