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Repiping means to replace the pipes in a home or building – it is a complete replacement for your water supply plumbing system. Our team removes the old pipe and then installs a brand-new system. This includes the installation of new hot and cold domestic water piping to all the faucets and fixtures, but usually doesn’t include replacing the drainage or sewer line systems.

Is repiping the right choice for you?

Most homes that need repiping are plumbed with older copper or galvanized pipes. These pipes can corrode over time – this causes a variety of issues like low water pressure, rusty-colored water, reduced flow, and leaking. 

If you are remodeling your house you should repipe before you finish your interior walls, as the process of repiping can damage new finishes or paint. 

How repiping works

Repiping starts with opening up the walls of your home to access the old pipes. Holes are cut into the drywall so that your entire water supply system can be replaced. Our team will let you know where we will be cutting into the walls so that you can cover the furniture and plan accordingly. 

Next, our technicians will remove all the old pipe and replace it. We will need access to every room that has a plumbing fixture – like the kitchen, bathrooms, and attic. Once this is done, the new pipe is installed and tested. We check all the connections to ensure they work properly and then clean up the debris from the construction.

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