Water Main Services

Main Water Service Repair

Jafco Sewer Repair is an underground utility specialist and can respond to emergency water line leaks. We locate the area where the pipe is leaking and excavate to replace the failed section of pipe before backfilling and restoring the landscaping back to its original condition.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell when you have a leaking water main. Here are a few things to check for: unexplained changes in your water bill or meter readings, cracks in the foundation, mold or mildew growth inside your home, water spots on the ceiling or walls. Repairs become costly when maintenence is deferred. Avoid costly repairs by calling Jafco Sewer Repair immediately for an inspection.

Main Water Service Replacement

Whether your home has an older galvanized main water supply or a poor quality Poly pipe product we can replace the entire water line from city tail to your interior main water shutoff. When the distance is short or there are no above ground obstructions to excavation we dig a trench from the property side of the sidewalk to the house foundation and install new 1″ PEX tubing with a required locate wire. We usually install a new water shutoff inside the basement or crawlspace and connect to the home’s existing plumbing. If a long stretch of pipe is required or the water line runs under a walkway or driveway we have the capability to bore the new line underground without trenching the entire stretch of pipe. This is accomplished with directional boring equipment and is much less invasive than trenching.